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App Development for Education

We are experienced business consultants and can help you to develop your business idea into a real IT project. A large proportion of Kadaton’s services involves the development of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) for startups, as well as more complicated bespoke solutions.

Just how popular are applications for education?

In recent months, schools and universities around the globe have been forced to operate remotely due to the coronavirus. Many institutions struggled to adapt their curricula for the virtual classroom on short notice. As the pandemic continues to spread, school districts nationwide are opting to continue distance education this fall. Fortunately, there are plenty of helpful technological solutions from hardware to the latest online learning apps to help schools make the transition in the coming weeks. With strong collaboration with our partners we can provide you a best learning apps on the market to help educators take their virtual classrooms to the next level.

To captivate your target audience, it’s best to tailor your designs to the specific needs of your users, those who study as well as those who teach, considering what challenges educational products can present, and analyzing the competitors. Let’s discuss in what ways UI/UX design is important in e-learning app development and how to make a learning app using some of the best practices of mobile app design to unlock the full potential of e-learning apps.

Launch your e-learning App; From LMS to ERP, from Website to Mobile App, from Video Classes to Test Series, from Create to Sell, Kadaton can help you to launch your own eLearning portal.

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