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E-Commerce & POS Apps

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E-Commerce Web App

We understand that an e-commerce project demands a great deal of attention. But based on the combination of your product knowledge, and our cross-industry and multicultural expertise, the Kadaton development team can design a bespoke software solution for you, which can streamline many essential components of your business such as: automation of analysis and reports, management, and amazing user functionality.

E-Commerce Web App

For many years Kadaton together with our partners has been creating e-commerce apps that help businesses attract new visitors, increase customer loyalty and work simultaneously with an unlimited amount of buyers from any part of the world, providing the ultimate user experience and satisfaction that engages your clients and keeps them coming back again and again.

Challenges, which can be faced by an e-commerce project

  • Management and automation – Maintaining full control of the goods databases, client’s preferences, orders, customer lifetime value and money flow.
  • Inventory – Keeping stock updated online.
  • Search function – applying custom filters for efficient searches. Implementing user recognition across different devices to improve usability and increase conversion rate.
  • Customer interaction – the ability to add photo/video review and comments to the goods, increasing the customer’s engagement and promoting an internet-shop popularity.
  • Simple checkout – Creating your own, or adding external payment system as well as integration with delivery services with purchase tracking.
  • Implementation of different widgets for any POS changes analysis;
  • Integration of the corporate DB for SKU to be easily searched and estimated on the shelf;
  • Adding functionality for corporate messaging exchanges on a secure channel;
  • In-app communication with customers via Skype, Telegram, Whatsapp etc.
  • Cutting paperwork and decrease of the daily routine operation via electronic reporting.

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