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Email marketing is the oldest online marketing channel and it is still very relevant today.

Email Marketing Service

Email Marketing and your Businesse

Email marketing is one of the most important online marketing tool for businesses. It facilitates the circulation of information on a new product launch, sale, promotional offers to registered users, lead generation etc. Email marketing is the most effective way to retain your existing customers and bring them back to your website if you are launching a new product, offering seasonal discount or clearance sale.We help you get the right recipe needed to run a successful email marketing campaign.

The most important in the list being Email database validation: You need to acquire a list of targeted emails and validate it.

Designing a campaign

After building an important email database, the next important thing is to design an email marketing campaign that is attractive to your target audience and conversion oriented. We help you bridge the gap between attractive and interactive email campaigns by creating personalized landing pages with regards to email campaign content and better customer experience.

Email database creation

Instead of buy email list, you can create your own email list which is tailored to your audience. This is a time-consuming process. Usually, it is done via the social media, blog, podcasts, offering free services or product, free webinars etc. The host of offline events is also vital to the collection of email addresses of your target audience.

Designing a campaign

Before you start to decide on your techniques, you will need to articulate your core message: a simple, clear, and powerful presentation of the issue as it affects real people. Your message should encapsulate a relevant and timely problem, a practical solution, and an urgent action. It is also valuable to identify your specific objectives and think about your target audiences from the outset.

Email template

This belongs to the team of web designers and email marketers.Our great knowledge in web designing makes us excel in designing beautiful responsive email templates. A Successful email campaign depends heavily on the design of the mobile friendly email template. The template design is based on the theme of the campaign, business objective and the interests of the target audience

Technology & A/B Testing

Most email marketing activities involve sending emails in bulk; so the choice of a proper technology that enables efficient tracking. This technology should enable emails to be seemingly interactive on all platforms and device types. Right kind of Title and subject line will ensure that the recipients read the mail and act accordingly. We run A/B testing to ensure the appropriate templates, subject lines, campaign schedules etc are deployed.

Reports & Analysis

Finally, no successful campaign if you can not measure the ROI. We help you monitor and track the KPI of your email marketing campaign for reporting and forecasting on future trends. After analysis, we report with respect to reading, click-through, open, trends, subscriptions, hard bounce, soft bounce, social engagement etc.

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