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Web Analytics

Specializing in outcome-focused data analysis. The best web analytics for web traffic tracking and reporting. We support and empower your business to make data-led decisions that result in meaningful business impact. If you know how to use Google Analytics properly, Google Analytics can provide valuable insight or understanding of who visits your website, how they arrived at it and which pages are used to spend time on visitors. This is strong data for you, can be used to improve digital marketing strategies.

Web Analytic simply Measures and Get Valuable Insight.

Web Analytics Service

If you can’t have an insightful report of your business, how can you make decisions and take your business to the next level. Going online means you have a good digital strategy, that is, you understand how to convert your business objectives into measurable metrics and dimensions with the help of web analytics.

Your website is only good to your business when it brings good sales.

Many companies have websites that are well designed, SEOed, they even have a strong brand awareness on social media. They launch great marketing campaigns both on traditional print, broadcast advertising or digital marketing campaigns but still turn to ask the following questions:

  • How many people visit my website?
  • Good sales means good business. Why are visitors not converting?
  • What fields on our forms are preventing visitors from filling it easily?
  • How is the user experience on my website?
  • Who visit my website? Or what is visitors’ demography?
  • Do client really stay on my website ? Do they bounce out quickly?

We Track every interaction on your website

Web analytics experts at Kadaton use a combination of tools like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics to answer the aforementioned questions. At Kadaton we do not only deliver digital marketing campaigns that are converting, we go beyond the clicks and work with our clients to understand the impact of every interaction on their business  KPIs 

Digital Analytics for non e-commerce organizations

Given that buying and selling is not part of your business, then maybe you can do away with e-commerce tracking in Google analytics, or purchase events in Adobe. But this doesn’t mean that there are no other options to track your non e-commerce related metrics. Some of the most important non e-commerce metrics are Subscriptions, Downloads, Search terms, Forms, Video Content, Design, and Engagement.


If you don’t know where you are going, any road will lead you there. Define your most important goals and those of your most important web visitors.


Identify the most effective web analytics packages. Google analytics, Adobe analytics, WebTrends, ClickTracks and other technology providers.


Analyze your website’s structure work with your IT team to seamlessly install all the tracking codes or tags in the proper places on your website

Assess & Monitoring

Analyze the flow of web traffic data throughout your site to uncover what’s happening there, as well as sources of inbound and outbound visitors. Identify the gaps.

Focus & Execution

Review the results, tell you what works and what doesn’t and provide effective suggestions on the areas for improvement, close the gaps and improve on business objectives.


Design and develop a test environment to determine the most cost effective traffic paths to attain business objectives like conversion. Measure success using web analytics.


Development of customized dashboards for real-time and historical website performance analysis. Google analytics contains more than 80 different reports with a lot of data


Web analytics is mind game and so enough is not achieved we raise the bar, set new goals, and keep climbing. We do not work based on hours, instead, we work for client satisfaction.

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